Community Services

MediFit is uniquely qualified to deliver expertise to community-based fitness centers, including Jewish Community Centers, hospitals, universities and colleges, commercial clubs, golf and country clubs, residential and office multi-tenant sites, and active aging communities.

We recognize that community-based organizations must be vigilant with their use of resources. Now, more than ever, organizations across the nation are challenged by increased commercial competition, decreased funding, and ever-changing market environments. MediFit provides professionally managed programs and services that make a measurable impact on membership acquisition and retention, and in long-term organization viability. Our team of industry veterans design space, and provide programming and staffing models that maximize return on investment. Our insights fuel innovation and creativity to build sustainable programs at a lower cost and with less risk for the organization.

The MediFit Community Team

Our team of fitness and wellness professionals is uniquely qualified to address the special challenges of community organizations. From Jewish Community Centers to colleges and hospitals, MediFit’s clients benefit from our extensive experience in the management community fitness centers.

Kurt Atherton, Chief Operating Officer
Community Health and Wellness Services
Florham Park, New Jersey
San Francisco Bay Area
Kurt joined the MediFit team as a consultant in 2006. In 2010, he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, Community Health and Wellness Services. Kurt has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, customer service and operations management in the industry. He has assisted in the development of over 140 fitness and wellness centers. Kurt has a BS in Management and Industrial Engineering from Ithaca College, New York.

Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, Vice President
Community Health and Wellness Services
Greater New York City
Bonnie joined MediFit’s Community Health and Wellness Services team in 2010 as a Vice President, supporting new acquisitions and performance improvement. As a transition specialist, she provides customer service training and sales training to front-line staff and department managers. Bonnie has a BA in Dance Kinesiology, Master’s Level Fitness Specialist Certification.

Diana Thomas, Vice President
Community Health and Wellness Services
San Francisco Bay Area
Diana joined MediFit in 2010 providing programming, operations, marketing, sales and staff development. With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, she led MediFit’s entry into community clubs for the Western region of the U.S. Diana has a BA from California State University.

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