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Corporate Fitness

Our approach to corporate fitness enables the MediFit onsite team to build a supportive and trusting relationship with employees, offering them the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of programs – both inside and outside the fitness center walls.

Our clients with professionally managed fitness & wellness centers vary greatly in size – from 350 eligible employees in one location to well over 100,000 in multiple locations. On average, our clients have 2,500 to 5,000 eligible employees. Across our entire client base, MediFit manages a range of 1-21 facilities per client.

As an award-winning provider of corporate fitness programming, MediFit brings a fresh and fun perspective, and places special emphasis on aligning our culture with the client’s culture. Our innovative corporate fitness programs have been recognized for consistently high participation rates, cost effective operations, proven customer service, and documented results. Feedback demonstrates that clients appreciate our flexible, collaborative approach compared to other corporate fitness companies. They value a partner who acts as a steward of their resources – understanding that a long-term relationship is better than a short-term solution.