About Us

For over 20 years we have collaborated with clients in the design and management of their corporate and community health and fitness programs.

Our high participation and engagement rates are driven by a committed team of over 2,000 health, fitness, and performance professionals. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and respectful attitude assure that our client-centric, community and corporate health and fitness programs facilitate positive behavior change, enabling individual participants to achieve success.


EXOS|MediFit provides the best in fitness center management, design, innovation, and proven performance solutions.


EXOS|MediFit’s roots date back over 20 years. Our story began when our respective founders identified unmet needs in health, wellness, and human performance and had a vision to change it. At the time, Vin DeProssino and Dr. Paul Couzelis, MediFit’s founders, began developing innovative corporate fitness programs while EXOS’ founder Mark Verstegen was pioneering the concept of integrated performance training in an industry that didn’t exist yet.

Even before our companies joined forces in 2014, we shared a passion to upgrade the lives of the clients we serve. In two decades, we’ve garnered awards for innovation in programming, customer satisfaction, and safety in corporate fitness, and our athletes have achieved most every accolade in sports. Our combined health and performance solutions guide people to achieve higher levels of success in the most challenging environments, from sport and military to corporate and community spaces.

Our team serves over 150 clients including leading corporations, academic institutions, health systems, elite athletes, sports teams, the U.S. military, community centers, residential communities, and specialty recreational facilities.


Products and Services

We design and deliver performance game plans that guide people to achieve higher levels of success. Our capabilities include on-site fitness center design, management, and staffing; proven tools to attract, engage, and retain members; behavioral change enterprise solutions to reach your population in and outside the facility; highly skilled, personable, and trained staff; and innovative human performance solutions that drive outcomes.


As the leader in human performance and fitness center management, we engage nearly one million people daily in more than 300 locations spread across 6 continents. We’re headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and Florham Park, New Jersey.

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