About Us

For over 20 years we have collaborated with clients in the design and management of their corporate and community health and fitness programs.

Our high participation rates are driven by a committed team of over 2,000 fitness and health promotion professionals. Their dedication, enthusiasm and respectful attitude assure that our client-centric, community and corporate health and fitness programs motivate positive behavior change, enabling individual participants to achieve balance in their lives.


MediFit Corporate Services, Inc. (MediFit) is a privately-held fitness and wellness management and consulting company. MediFit designs and manages corporate, community and residential fitness centers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The company was founded by Vin DeProssino and Dr. Paul Couzelis in 1995. MediFit is headquartered in the United States in Florham Park, New Jersey, with additional corporate offices in Norwalk, Connecticut and New York, New York.


MediFit traces its origins to 1988 when its founders, Vin DeProssino and Dr. Paul Couzelis merged their respective companies, Fitness Management Corp. and National Health Promotion Services, Inc. DeProssino and Couzelis contribute over 35 years experience in the health and wellness industry to the success of the company.

DeProssino received his BS in Health and Physical Education from City University of New York and pursued graduate studies in Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. DeProssino gained his early health and wellness experience working with the YMCA of Greater New York and AT&T. He founded Fitness Management Corp. in 1984.

Couzelis received his BS and MS from Springfield College and his PhD in exercise physiology from Kent State University. Prior to founding National Health Promotion Services, Inc. he accumulated over 20 years of experience with the YMCA.

In 1988 DeProssino and Couzelis merged their two companies with a provider of outpatient physical therapy services. The combined company was renamed MediFit of America. DeProssino and Couzelis led the successful buyout of MediFit of America’s worksite health and wellness business in 1994. They formed MediFit Corporate Services, Inc. to house the assets acquired from MediFit of America and have been successfully operating under that name ever since.

DeProssino and Couzelis continue to be active industry leaders. Both have shared their extensive knowledge of the fitness industry by participating on numerous industry committees and sitting on industry boards, including organizations such as The International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, Health Enhancement Research Organization, and Health Promotion Advocates, to name a few.


Products and Services

As a fitness and health management company, MediFit offers a variety of comprehensive health promotion, fitness and wellness solutions for the employer, community and residential health, fitness and wellness markets. Services offered reflect MediFit’s commitment to designing flexible and innovative programs, services and solutions that promote the fitness, health and wellness of their clients’ members and employees.


MediFit has grown from 25 corporate health and fitness centers in 1995 to over 200 in 2011, including community and residential fitness and wellness centers. Today, MediFit employs over 2,000 employees in more than 30 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.